How to: Front Split

Hey guys!  Let’s talk stretching and let’s go through some basics. First of all you should see stretching in general as a workout. Your body is constantly activated in all the poses and be aware of the power of breathing – these are two guidelines that your body will thank and award you for. Inhaling (breath in) and exhaling (breath out). Inhale through you nose, exhale through your mouth and as you do so, try (if you can) get deeper into your pose. Most obvious of all – never stretch when you’re not warmed up and do not make a pose you’re not sure your doing properly. Ask someone with knowledge or look it up since it can do more harm than good if you do it in an incorrect way… And we want to go forward in our progress and not backwards, right?

Now why are we here? We want to make a front split happen! In my opinion this is the “easiest” of all the different splits there is, so it’s a good way to start in this beautiful world of flexibility.

I’m guessing you know what a front split is since you’re here, but just incase – this is how it looks like.
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1. First pose! 
No matter what my goal is with my stretching, I always start with this pose. See how I’m pressing myself to my legs but at the same time I’m striving to come down to the floor with my upper body? See how I press my legs backwards while striving to get my bottom reaching the sky? In this pose I find all my little buttons I need to connect and activate my muscles, so get an effective and safe foundation for my stretch session. Remember to breath properly.
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2. Second pose!
I let my hands touch the floor and lift my heels up and down. Standing in the first one isn’t that comfortable (though it cracks nice in your back) so this one is a good one for your calfs. But remember – keep that body activated! 
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3. Third pose!
It’s just what it looks like. Keep your hips straight, don’t just hang (it’s not a position to rest in). This one helps at least me to open up them hips, stretches up the back and is a little push on the inside of those royal thighs (depending on how wide you stand).
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4. Fourth Pose! 
Now we are getting to the real deal people. You see how my knee and heel have a nice line between them? Yes, you do Sugar and you should do the same. I will nag this until you get so annoyed that you’ll never want to visit my blog again – DON’T HANG. You keep yourself activated and dedicated. You’re Superwoman! ..Superman… Supersomething… Supersomeone! I hope you’ll feel a little burn, because you should.
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5. Fifth pose!
Same as above and same guidelines. Only this time the opposite hand of the leg is down. 
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6. Sixth pose!
Same guidlines as above. You remember? That’s right. Breath, activated, line between the heel and knee. But yea, leg down.  
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7. Seventh pose!
This one can be tricky. Don’t do this one if your kneecap gets to hold your weight. See how I’m “standing” on the beginning of my thigh? Yes, that’s what we are after. Of course – heel + knee rule, breath, activated. 
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8. Eighth pose!
What I’m striving for here is a flat even surface to give my upper leg the stretch it deserves. Notice how my upper foot has a flat turnout. Here it is easy to just hang because it is kind of fun to feel like a rubber band, don’t. You know the guidelines.
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9. Ninth pose!
I’ve done this one for years but I have never done it in any class in Sweden and I haven’t seen it on any tutorials… Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. It was anyway something my coach, David at Studio First in Dubai told me to do which I’ve sticked to and it have really helped. He always had good tips.. Anyway, I guess it’s pretty clear how to get in this pose. But the trick is to slide more forward and more to the side, until you get yourself in the split. That’s what I did. When I learned how to do the front split I only did the 9 and 10. But now I know there are more to mix it up. 
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10. Tenth pose!
First – GUIDELINES! and make sure you keep your chest straight forward. It’s not about reaching to foot, even though it looks cool. 
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Don’t overdo it but be a little brave. Balance! Count to 20-isch on every pose, every side or just let your body decide. When I’m lazy, I count to 16.

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