In sickness and in health

When I woke up this morning I could barely wait to get my butt to the studio. Though my body haven’t felt so well for the last couple of days, so I was a bit worried for not being able to work today. But the adrenaline of going to Marikas made it all better.😍  The first thing that popped into my mind when I came into the door was home. Ain’t that nice, huh? It smelled just the same as it did when I was 13, 14 and 15 years old. Which was a huge nostalgia. It all started at Marikas so it is pretty amazing to come back and continue where the roots are.

I got there early to just enjoy the atmosphere… (cheesy) but also to choreograph, I swear! I danced for like an hour, ate dinner with a dear friend at the pizzeria (that is on the same street.. how awesome isn’t that??? I’m a real pizza lover). The one thing we always do for sure is showing each other memes that reminds us of one another. Meme addicts? Yep. I also performed my sweet cheer routines I did on the last episode of 100% Vaken …and I have never seen someone cringe so much.😂  I love making people cringe.❤

It was a perfect timing to have that dinner because after that I had a 2 hour private lesson. It was nice to see so much improvements in one session. I’ve said this a thousand times, at least to myself but I would like to take more classes. At least practice more for myself than “only” for the reason of preparing classes. I think this will change a lot now when I’m back at Marikas. I see so much brightness infront of me!


A Sunday

Hello all royalties! I hope you all had a funny sunny Sunday. Mine has been relaxed and productive – I have really enjoyed it! I started my day with heading to FLEX in Vallentuna to be present at a meeting for parents whom kids just going to start competing and whom already are experienced. So far it’s the best dance school I’ve ever been employed at! They really know what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it. I love the professionalism and warmth at FLEX which makes me want to be involved as much as possible. I feel really blessed to be FLEX’s official and only Streetdance teacher, and hiphop competition coach. I’m there to stay! After that meeting I went straight to  the city and met up Tiddi. We had lunch and talked about everything from Heaven to earth… Literally! But mostly we talk about dance – we both have so much to share and it is so… FUN! Tiddi is both a dear friend and a coworker. She works for me at Stockholm Dance Team. One of the things we discussed was what kind of specific challenges we can give the students to increase every individuals strengths and weaknesses. We developed and expanded our ideas and this spring theme a lot during this lunch. We really think the same but different. Which is perfect!

I felt happy when I sat there with Tiddi and talked about Stockholm Dance Team. Two young dancers filled with inspiration who can do and have done SO MANY THINGS. It’s amazing how much we are capable of – and I mean like everyone if we really go for it with confidence and determination while being realistic with a twitch of crazy. I’m getting mysteriously curious what my limits are. One thing is for sure. they are getting blurrier and fewer fast! I’m really blessed and I have a headache from all the sugar from the dessert. But it was good, reaaaaal good.

Why so serious?

Things are heavy in the family since a dear member have left for another dimension. My grandmother’s brother who was close to us all is no longer in his physical body. Times like these I’m happy that I got my little gift – to hear, feel and see what others may not. I’m glad I can be a support for the ones mourning. Though it’s a weird thing to see energy. It’s a weird thing to hear someone talking by giving you inner pictures and by using your own feelings. It’s weird to feel smells, presences and even touch things that gives you another persons memory. It’s all weird. Still, I’m not used to it. Still, I haven’t accepted it. But days like these – it’s a gift.

I am now in our apartment in the city, but I want to go back to our peaceful country house by the stables with all those pretty trees and hills. Times like these, all you want is some quietness and rest. A rest from all the weirdness, but yet you wanna learn more about it and yet you want your own time to mourn. 


How to: erase your stress

Hey guys! You know why we’re here. We’ve already talked about what we can do to get rid of that stress instantly. Haven’t got those keys? Get them HERE. Now those are quick fixes. Today we are discussing what we can do to prevent it and live a stress free life with self-awareness. Aaah, those words sounds like music, right? Well it can happen! So let’s make it happen.

Like in my last post, I want you to start asking yourself the following questions.
– What makes me stressed? 
– What is the reason I become stressed of this? 
– Do I need to stress over this?
– What happens when I stress? (What am I doing/how am I handling it? What am I feeling about myself? How is this interfering with my personal relations?)
– What can I do in the long run to make it better?
 What can I do to feel better now?

We are here to talk about what we can do in the long run. So we need a foundation to stand on. Your answers give you a foundation and it gives you a way to be able to look down on your stress. Imagine your stress as a ball – now you can hold that stress ball that is filled with your answers. You can hold it, bounce it, and throw it away. But most importantly, instead of it nagging inside of you – you can now see it in front of you. Which gives you some understanding for yourself and maybe even inspiration for what needs to be done.

What we need to specifically do is individual, since our reasons are different and our life situations aren’t the same. But I have some guidelines for you, which are at least helping me a lot. When I follow these guidelines I can feel my life is way more balanced and it prevents me from feeling stress.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Plan your time
Rest and recovery of energy is just as important as everything else. So when you are planning your day or your week, include those pauses. ❤ You’ll thank yourself.

You don’t have to deliver… All the time

A great way to get burned out and keep yourself stressed is being in a constant deliver mode. You need to have times you can take a few steps back to rest and recover.Processed with VSCO with p5 presetTreat yourself a therapy session 
Ventilate about your needs, problems and life situation with a professional can give you some amazing keys for improvement to get more peace into your life. After a therapy session your soul and heart should feel light! And as a plus, you’ve gotten way wiser.

Stop in time
Know your limits – and that ain’t a flaw, it’s a strength! Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Another thing that has a big impact is how much we move, what we consume to our body and the quality plus amount of sleep. Who we are interacting with is both giving and taking our energy – so chose your company wisely. Do you remember who’s the most important person you need to take care of? You got it, it’s you!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

We can control the nagging, non-resting and tiring stress. Though we need practice, let it become a habit, get self-awareness and build a tower tall love for ourselves. I’m very positive that by following your needs and the steps above will help. The steps aren’t many, thank goodness. But every step is a lot of work since they probably require a change of behavior.

I will not let you guys go after this post. I will go deeper into topics like these ones. If you have personal requests or want advice on your situation, please use the Contact page.


Hopes for 2017

Are you supposed to feel something different because it’s a new year? Well it feels like every January 1st, you finish your book and start writing a new one. I’m on my 22nd edition. I love the positive aura that is spread all over 2017 – me as many others have a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic year. 2016 was an overwhelming year with a huge success but it was also a year with heartache, many hospital visits and sickness. Though after this rollercoaster I feel calm that everything that needs to happen to me, will happen. All the bad things I didn’t see an end of, turned out to be excellent lessons that are giving me the powers of a Super Woman. Some are still in progress of healing, obviously.

But where do I want with all of this? Well, I am so sure that every single one of us can remain calm – because no matter what we believe in we can trust that higher powers, the universe or/and our inner self’s. Because it will guide us to situations we need to go through. I have been the living example of that this year. It’s really been proven to me that the most beautiful and teachable experiences are unexpected. Which is kind of a wonderful mystery.

I have started to accept the fact that things doesn’t really turn out the way I think or plan it will. Though I’m very well at getting my will through, like my students say, “…Because you’re Emma”. But sometimes there comes needles in my wheels, which can slow down my flow. I get irritated every time but with patience it always turns out to be a better solution or opportunity around the corner.


After reading this then you’ve probably realized I don’t really have New Year resolutions. I got my plan that is open for changes and adventures. Though I have some wishes I want to accomplish – if they happen this year, it would be a fun twist.

– Get a permanent place to have my Dance School
– Backup dancer at Eurovision Song Contest (This is more of a goal I want to happen during the next couple of years)
– Become 30k Baes on Instagram
– Get a Bernese Mountain Dog if I permanently live in a country house
– Compete in Hiphop Adult’s silver class
– Become hysterically and healthily in-love with the right person



Highlights of 2016

2016 is a year I won’t miss. But it sure had some things that made it the most beautiful one yet. These are my highlights.

sdt_logoStarted my own Dance School
This is the biggest accomplishment and the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m not exaggerating. It’s such a gift to have all of these wonderful students, make dreams
come true and have full control of what I want to teach. There is so much love to spread and it comes right back. ❤

20167201444312461_sbigMade my own Dance Video
The video “Know Me” which is to the song Wild Things by Alessia Cara will always be an icon of where everything started – my dance school and my show&video organization.

20160827072719171911280853_sbigPerformed at the We Are Sthlm festival
Together with my show&video organization members and students we performed three times our 7minute long show that Tiddi and I choreographed. It was so fun that we all danced together.

screenshot_20161217-215403Directed and choreographed a Dance Show
One part of me thinks it’s crazy how I made my dance school’s Christmas Show happen. But the Super Woman in me thinks… “Of course, I can do anything”.

img-20161210-wa0002Surprised by students
On the last day of rehearsals my dear students gave me a heart attack surprise of chocolate, candy, balloons, spa kit, roses and love!

screenshot_20170103-130753Thank you letters
My dear friend Tiddi has given me such sweet letters after every project she’s worked with me in and given me my favorite candy! I keep these little cards safe. I feel so much love for this girl!

20170103_132241Guesting 100% Vaken
I got pretty much free hands to plan my time on the TV screen with those Youtubers. Which I loved! The people backstage were so happy and satisfied which made me happy. I really enjoyed it and of course it’s a boost to hear from professionals that you deliver.

20161007204314945321280853_sbigStarted working at Showdansskolan FLEX
This school is such a blessing – the students, the teacher and my boss. This is really a serious school. Really determined with their dancing, they take good care of their students and us teachers. I really find this FLEX family amazing! But most of all – I’m having tons of fun teaching these students!

20161112171411404701280853_sbig-1Decided to start competing for FLEX
I have been with my students at one of their competitions and I’m coaching them every week. I want to be a part of FLEX as much as possible and I love competing. I used to compete when I lived in Dubai. I got my license so I now can represent FLEX when competing. It’s time!

skarmavbild-2016-12-23-kl-15-34-26Got a job at Move2Dance
This was very spontaneous yet a fun progress! I’m of course serious when getting a new job, but I’m surprised how smooth it all went. This is a fun adventure! I got one more place I can spread my love for dance at. 😀

DSCN2413.jpgLogan Garments as a sponsor
Getting a comment on Instagram that tells me to message their Facebook messenger, we discuss on messenger and then gets final info on Gmail. After a while – hello clothes and discount codes! ❤

Made collaborations with Stronger, Elly Pistol and Emojisar
My blogging and Instagram have done themselves really great and I love all of the brands above… So making collaborations with them was a real pleasure of mine!

After writing all this down… Dang, I’ve had a good year! I’m going to write down some hopes and goals for 2017. Talk to you potatoes later!

How to relax: NOW

A topic I really find interesting and I personally would say I’m a self-named expert in… is stress! I have a lot of experiences of different kinds of stress, how to get into it and how to get out of it. That’s why I’m obviously writing this post – to share my tips! Sometime soon I want to make a post on how to make it better in the long run too, because it’s a road of progress we are talking about here. But when you are in it – it’s nice to have inner keys on how to be able to handle it on the spot.

Before we start I want you to analyze yourself by asking yourself the following questions:
– What makes me stressed?
– What is the reason I become stressed of this?
– Do I need to stress over this?
– What happens when I stress? (what am I doing/how am I handling it? What am I feeling about myself? How is this interfering with my personal relations?)
– What can I do in the long run to make it better?
What can I do to feel better now?

When I’m in the gray dizzy cloud of stress it helps to try making it objective. What I mean with that is trying to look over the situation with someone else’s eyes. By doing that it becomes a little clearer of how bad it actually is, what needs to be done and what not needs to be done. At least I don’t really get rational when I get all worked up with flying thoughts and heavy feelings. Helping it being more objective is making your stress an object (bah duhm tss..) and how I am doing that is writing it all down. Write down the questions and answer them on paper. After that, you have your stress and maybe even your solutions in front of you.

There are a couple simple tricks you can do to calm yourself down.

My goodness what a mind-blowing advice, right? Never heard that one before… But let me explain. When you feel stress – it probably feels like something is stuck somewhere in your body, right?. I usually feel it in my chest or my upper tummy. When inhaling, I tense the place my stress is located while inhaling the oxygen to the same location. Which means I collect all my oxygen to where my stress’s is positioned. Hold and tense for a couple seconds. Then I exhale slowly while losing my tenseness to relaxation. This has made many disasters stop.

Activate both sides of your brain
Okay, you are all worked up and it’s too late for the breathing stuff. What to do? Well I’ll tell you. Grab a lemon, clementine, tennis ball or something small you can throw between the palms of your hands. What you’re going to do is to easily throw that ball between your hands with some good width between them – so you activate both sides of your brain. This simple activity occupies it, which is calming. Don’t ask me exactly how, but it just works! At least really well for me. I always feel more relieved and relaxed after doing this for a little while.

What to do next to give that stress a rest is very individual. But I’ve written down some temporary solutions for you:

Get away
Environmental change – get out! If that means going to a café, taking a walk, go to the swimming hall to use their sauna, go to your country house or if you have opportunity – take a spontaneous last minute trip. Doesn’t have to be long since it’s effective to get perspective.

Make your home a temple
Doesn’t matter if you have your own home, only have a room or sharing room with a sibling/partner – make it your temple. What I mean with that is cleaning it, remove clothes since textiles makes the air more heavy and makes it more dusty, put away everything that doesn’t give you good vibes and lastly give it a touch of love. Your home is your battery charger, but it needs strong good energy to start with. Enjoy your home!

Hang out with yourself
Never underestimate the beautiful stillness of being by yourself. Being alone is not the same thing as being lonely. No need to be around other people all the time – so much healing and battery charging is done when you take time for yourself. How you spend your time, is up to you. No activity can be wrong if you feel it’s what you feel like doing.

Meet up with a friend/your family
It’s a sweet escape to ventilate, laugh and gossip with your close friends and family. It sure brings a fun sweet rush of other impressions. It’s nice to think of completely different things for a while, hear others thoughts and also to be able to ventilate what you have in your own mind.

Do something that makes you nostalgic
A good way to come back to the now is to do something nostalgic. It gives you a little slap in the face of what you have accomplished so far and where you are heading with your life. What you wanted then and what you want now. How you’ve changed and how you haven’t changed. It can also be nice to just travel in time for a while.

Do something that makes you feel a little safer about the future
Well I haven’t met one person who is an expert at being a sucker of not thinking too much about the future. In my position: I’m living at home and I’m working as a dancer. What I would do is for example put away some extra money in the saving account or take a dance class. Because then, I have saved for my future needs. Or another dancer has shared her/his knowledge, which has given me inspiration so I can do a better job.

Treat yourself a workout
When you are stressed it could feel like a thousand needles are sticking your body and you can barely sit down of restlessness. Then go make your body sore and tired at the gym! A good workout can really change your mood to the better. Make those muscles work and burn.

Treat yourself by resting

When you’re feeling worn out and constantly are on the go… Then what you need is a good dang rest in sweats. It’s okay to do nothing productive. It’s okay to do it several days if you feel it’s needed. It’s okay to take a day off. You need to gain back your energy, so let your body take its time to do so.

Make a drastic change

Ugh, you could just be restless and bored of everything so just something needs to happen. What do you want to do? What do you want out of it? Is it worth it? Of course! Do it, do it now and go ALL IN!

Get a hold on your routines
If you are a person who wants your days and weeks planned, then it’s understandable you feel on unease when you’re out of your routines. There is a reason why your routines didn’t work out, right? Find the weak link (which is not you by the way…) and make an adjustment and try again.

When reading these options – what seems more appealing? What option makes you feel, “doing that would be nice”? It could be more than one… Well, those are probably what you need to do.

My uncle said something very wise just now “We spend our health to make money and we spend our money on our health”. I just thought it was a good thought. So take step back, what’s really important here – you are!

All of these options are things you can do right now! Your imagination, creativity and fantasy can paint them even more so they fit your own needs. I know stress can just mean you’re being overwhelmed – use the breathing and brain exercise to focus. Nothing is more important than your health so give yourself that off time by the charger. If you want more tips and tricks for your specific situation. Feel free to contact me.


Why doubt when you always become better

One of the things I was analyzing today was the feelings that blows up when you get your heart broken. I’m surprised how I didn’t let it really show how much it hurt when it happened to me. But jeez boy, I’m was in a constant pain. I am going to describe the feeling for you with a wish that you’ll might feel I can relate to your situation. I’m also going to give some light on this so hear me out.

To describe the pain in words it’s like you’ve swallowed knives and bricks. Which have blocked and are stuck in your stomach and chest. They’re heavy to bear which makes you tired but also decreases your appetite which makes you even more weak. If a too sensitive memory or thought of “what if…” comes up, it’s like someone gives you a deep cut from the inside. Your eyes are pretty much always tense and swollen. Because if you just let yourself think too much about it, you would just want to cry. But you’ve already cried so much so you’ve ran out of tears so it would just be painful. Pretty amazing that one person can have such a huge impact on you right? With all this pain

Some doubts I had here was that: will I ever find someone who is better for me? Will I get over this? Am I just in chock or is this really how sad I am? Am I worth someones else? Why wasn’t I worth his love? I was worth my own love, but why couldn’t I feel it when it happened?

When I was in my worst state, I was in my bubble bath and the mind-opening situation for was that one of the bathing decorations randomly fell on my shoulder. Maybe just a coincidence? But my head connected it with that it patted my shoulder and someone had the meaning to say, “you’re okay”. That little pat, made me be able to separate my thoughts and look down on the situation. Which have made me way wiser of my own feelings and this kind of experience in general.

But where do I want to come with all these brick and girl power struggles? You have probably your own experiences that made you doubt yourself. Because that is the main thought – something bad happens that makes you doubt yourself. Hear me out. Well I realized that every single time I’ve had this/a similar feeling – big or small. (Doesn’t have to be heartbreak. But you know when you go through something rough or something really hard/ a chock hits you.) I’ve always come out of it proud, strong, wise, with more knowledge, experience and most important of all – happier! I always became a better version of myself. The process is painful but it’s not really leaving any wounded scars. I’m just changing my skin, sloughs. That counts for you too if you let yourself. It makes you sore and sensitive, yes. Because changing skin is really tough. It’s tiring and you’re scared because you have no idea how it will be – because all you know is that it will be different from the one you have now. Plus the process is individually long depending on the situation. But when you’re done and when the lovingly healing part comes… You will be so happy you got your new beautiful skin.img_20161218_093302

What rhymes on Ben, Sara, Sabina and Kammi?

Hey potatoes! Are you my potatoes? Of course you are.. Worst in the world of updates today. Tomorrow will be better, I promise. I got stuff planned. I’m sure you’ll like tomorrow veeery very mucho.

Today has been flipping and dipping pancakes. What am I even saying… I’m tired today okay. Again? Yes. Again. But I’ve had two good calls today. I’m overly excited on this little thing I’m going to do on Thursday night. You Swedish kiddos knows what 100% VAKEN is right? No? Well all of you knows what a Youtuber is? Good! Anyway they are going to send this show, 100% VAKEN live for 6 hours on SVTplay and on Youtube. So it’s a crazy long show…

I don’t think I’m allowed to say what exactly I’m going to do since it should be surprise. But I can say that I will be one of the guests that will “challenge” the Youtubers. …And I will have the CUTEST costume, that’s for sure. My gosh, I’m excited guys. Before I go to sleep I like to watch some of these Youtubers videos since I find it really relaxing. So it’s going to be really fun to actually meet them – specially through working. That’s always an extra plus. I will be in the end of this little show, so if you don’t feel like being awake at like 2.30 am, I understand 😉 I will anyhow link the video and tell you the part I’m in when I wake up… After I’ve watched it myself…


Another call I got today was about my class plans for spring. Dear spring come faster #WhatEverySwedishPersonIsSayingRightNow. Anyways, I got a job at another dance school and this time I’m going to have little potatoes. I mean like, mini potatoes! French fries. That’s the size! Showjazz for 8-10 and 11-13 year olds. How fun right? It’s at this school in Knivsta called Move2Dance. I have really great vibes about this one. I’m not nervous which I’m usually am. I’m just lovingly and genuinely excited. Good day folks, good day indeed.

Special and spectacular

Good morning! Another night with an unwelcome dream and this one woke me up at 5:30. You know when you’re slowly waking up, but the dream continues – you are still all dozy so you’re not sure what is real and what’s not? That went on and it doesn’t really give the new day a fair or good start. Because it is always a dream you wish was real, right? Anyways, no sad face and moving on.

When I was totally awake I had my pug by the end of my bed and my malteser puppy by the side of it wanting to come up. Common, who could not resist smiling there? They make every day brighter even though they know how to go on my nerves… Haven’t met anyone who hasn’t found their snoring annoying actually – though I find it really relaxing.

Everyday isn’t so special and spectacular. This one isn’t and that feels okay. People are often trying to be so much more than they are. I’m not sure if that is a correct way to phrace it. But what I mean is – trying to make everything sound so amazing, successful and overhyped positive. I know I’ve had that struggle. Just being isn’t a bad thing. Today is just a very chill day. I’m awake early, drinking a glas of Pepsi Max and a eating a slice of bread for breakfast (healthy and Tumblr… I know…) and watching the news with the sound off while I write with you guys.

I am planning to head to the gym around lunchtime to warm up and make some “tutorials” on how I did to be able to do the front split. It’s not that hard, but I thought… Why not! Because I haven’t really seen all “my” tips and tricks. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong, maybe I’m doing waaaay right. 😉

Later today I’m heading over to Grandma och Grandpa to bake gingerbread for Christmas. This is the first Christmas-ish thing I’m doing this year. Crazy! Though I don’t feel like doing stars, hearts, some goat or tree… I want to have a dance theme on my cookies! By the way, am I the only one who likes gingerbread thick and chewy? My grandma always wants them thin and crispy, so we always have separate boxes. But for some reason my gingerbreads finishes first…hmmm, Grandpa?