Romantic stranger

 Hi again guys! Only minutes left until it is a new year. How nice ain’t that?

I want to end this year by sharing one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced.

Alright… I was at a café at the airport in München, starting from Dubai on my way to Stockholm. I wore a knitted long shirt, leggings and uggs. I remember I had my hair up in a messy bun and I sat there smirking while listening to Beyonce on my pink little iPod. In the table in front of me there were four or five guys with their traveling bags.

I was totally in my own world with my headphones on while checking out the planes from the big window that were beside those guys table. I barely noticed them standing up and getting ready to go to their gate. But I sure did when one of the guys came up to my table and gave me this little ripped hand-made note from the café’s paper menu. Those small words have made a huge impact. It is a  guidence and a little reminder that I’m worth the best. He gave me a smile and then got quick feet to keep up with his friends.

I felt and I still feel so special for getting this note, and the song he “gave to me” brings me hope and perspective. I want to find that person who wants and fights to be my “last first kiss”. And obviously I want to feel the same about him… My gosh, teenage-lovey-dovey Emma is here. But yea, no one deserves any less than the best.

This is the note he wrote which I keep safe with my Hello Kitty.