30 things you didn’t know about me

Hey guys! I’m back from a restful vacation. You better have missed me! The Christmas Holidays are over and I’m back to work… Finally! I have been looking forward to get back to my classes with new energy and inspiration. I’m really psyched about this spring term. If you want to see where I’ll teach this semester, than click HERE.

30 things you didn’t know about me.

  1. my favorite breakfast is a hotdog bun and a glas of Diet Pepsi.
  2. I got three dogs – maltese toy, chihuahua and a pug.
  3. I believe God is my Father, Jesus is my savior and the Holy Ghost is my inner guide.
  4. My dance school, Stockholm Dance Team is moving in to Marikas Dance & Fashion Studios – which is the same school I took my first dance class.
  5. My favorite pizza is Margarita because I love the taste of bread and cheese.. I always dip it in garlic sauce.
  6. During my overall childhood, I went to five different schools.
  7. I stopped growing in height when I was 12 years old.
  8. I’m 161 cm – 5ft 3in.
  9. I really, really love and I believe I have a small addiction to diet sodas.
  10. I don’t like foods with a lot of ingredients – I want my food plain and simple.
  11. The worst audition I’ve ever gone to was when I auditioned for Diambra Education a few years ago. I auditioned two years in a row and both went bad.. Real bad! Poor little me.
  12. When I want to relax I sing and play the piano.
  13. During my 21 year old life I’ve owned three horses.
  14. On my first solo competition I came 2nd out of 20 dancers.
  15. I was 15 years old when I performed on a stage for the first time.
  16. I knew after my second dance lesson that “this is what I want to do”.
  17. My favorite kind of outfits includes high waisted pants and a crop top/hoodie.
  18. The coziest thing in the world for me is Grannies knitted sweaters.
  19. I am very responsive to the other side – I often see, feel and hear “unnatural” things.
  20. The last thing I do before I fall asleep is watching meme’s on the iFunny app.
  21. I have never ever colored my hair.
  22. My actual hair is straight and I perm it once a year to get it curly and wavy.
  23. My favorite disney movie is Lilo & Stitch.
  24. My favorite movie is the Back To The Future trilogy.
  25. My favorite TV-series is Dexter and Pretty Little Liars.
  26. Annoyingly talented at making messy buns.
  27. I work most efficient during pressure.
  28. I love the feeling I get after I’ve expressed anger/displeasure maturely. Relieve.
  29. My biggest phobia is butterflies.
  30. What made me start dancing was this movie. Keep in mind… This was in 2008 and I was 13.



Questions & Answers #1

…And I’m back! I’m kicking away this break with a Q&A with questions from my Snapchat and Instagram. If you want to add me – my snapchat is emalalalalala and my gram is emmarichterlarsson


Version 2

I started dancing when I was 13 years old.

If we are talking role models as in dancing then I would say that I’m my own role model, since I don’t want to become anyone else. My goodness, how cheesy and self-absorbed that sounded. But what I mean is that I have proved many strengths and accomplished important things I didn’t think I could or would. That’s why it’s important for me to drive my own race. You know what I mean? But people that are a big inspiration is Kyle Hanagami because of his humbleness, creativity and going against negative odds in the past that have moved me. Keisha Von Arnold because of her amazing huge journey. Milena Jacuniak because of her journey and warm way of teaching.

If we keep talking the language of dance then my strength is that I’m quite creative and fast when choreographing plus I pick up others choreographies pretty quick. I have knowledge of many dance styles and am very comfortable on stage, in front of cameras and when freestyling.  But my weaknesses though, I don’t treat myself being a student enough – which means I need to find comfort zones to get out of in my several styles and someone to pinpoint my mistakes. When I’m very concentrated when dancing – I look for some reason sad.

That selfie though. But to answer your question… My boo is Harry Styles and all those 1D songs are about me. We’re practically married, having 15 kids and 3 dogs together but he is always on tour so he talks to me through his songs. That’s how works so yea. Now you know.



What was the first thing you did after you’ve decided to start your dance school?

There were many steps to get that ball rolling. But I guess the first thing I did was to get it ALL DOWN on paper. What I wanted to do, goals, budget plans, concept, advertisement… From that paper I just made it happen. 😛

Would you like to come back to Bliss?

For you who don’t know – I used to teach at Bliss Dance Academy and I quit this semester. Well I want to make my own choreographies, plan my own classes and be able to decide what I want my students to learn. I can’t do that at Bliss – so unfortunately working there doesn’t develop me as a teacher anymore so going back is not in my mind dear ❤

Keep being so dang concern about my health and well-being as I am at the moment.


Well, I told you I would answer you all on the blog. Douche-boo baaii! Girls and boys never ever fall for this ❤


1. My homeboy Jesus!
2. Horse-back riding, gymming, photographing and most obvious of all – dancing.
3. YES! Three dogs and a horse (if that counts as a pet?)

That was all of them! Talk to you later!