Who is your boyfriend? Take a pick!

Hi baes! I browsed through the Wish app and came across these hilarious t-shirts. At least I think they are on point since I’m basically married to Harry Styles. So just because¬†we can, let’s pick a boyfriend! I’ve already ordered my t-shirt. ūüėČ

Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend – click HERE

Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend – click HERE

Drake’s girlfriend – click HERE

Troy Sivan’s girlfriend – click HERE

Niall Horan’s girlfriend – click HERE

Harry Styles’s girlfriend – click HERE¬†*clicked*

Calum Hood’s girlfriend – click HERE

Shawn Mendes girlfriend – click HERE

Scott McCall’s girlfriend – click HERE

Austin Mahone’s girlfriend – click HERE

Matt Healy’s girlfriend – click HERE




Classy backpacks for dance class

A few days until Christmas! Wonderful, isn’t it? Yesterday I wrote a post about what to always have in your bag when you go to a dance class. If you haven’t read it, I’ll link it at the bottom. I really advocate is backpacks and I’m guessing you’re not into¬†this¬†look. The big mistake I often make is that I use too many different bags and if you’re like me… You won’t plan ahead to¬†pack your bag hours before your class. Which will lead to that I’m stressing around like a wild chicken trying to get everything 5 minutes before I need to go.

Where do I want to come with this? Well I have picked out some nice classy brand backpacks for you guys (not sponsored). Because of four reasons.

1. Let’s get some real quality that we will be proud of wearing.
2. Since it’s better quality, it will last and look new/good way longer.
3. You’ll feel more structured to only have one bag for your classes.
4. You will probably be more careful with it (by keeping it where you won’t forget where it is and where it’s safe).

Let’s start!

Calvin Klein


Gray 1195SEK HERE / White 1095SEK HERE

Enter Accessories 


Black 1357SEK HERE / White 1943SEK HERE / Gray 771SEK HERE



Black 1675SEK HERE / White 2095SEK HERE

Micheal Kors


Pink 3095SEK HERE / Black 2995SEK HERE

On purpose I’ve chosen bags that aren’t that big, because then you won’t risk bringing too many stuff with you that will be heavy for your back. But the list should fit just fine. Besides that, wouldn’t it be amazing to be the owner to one of these? I’m specially in-love with the white one from Enter. Now these cost quite a lot, I’m aware. But I will do another about classy backpacks on a budget too. I’m going to find some real bargains for you.

Want my special made what-to-bring list for dance class? Click HERE.

Talk to you sugars soon!