Chainsmokers choreography

I spent some time at the gym and came up with this choreography. It is a real freedom to dance this piece. This stretching room gives me inspiration somehow… Which is awesome since it’s 2 min away from my apartment door.

Team Levels at Stockholm Dance Team learned this combo last Sunday – it’s a perfect match for them. I love dancing it now, but I will get tired of it like a favorite hit song. But that ain’t now. I’m going to stop talking – you enjoy the video!



Sunday = funday

Hey! Monday is here and it feel grrrrreat! I am still excited after yesterday… Feels so relieving to be back teaching and working. Almost all classes are back on. Only Move2Dance left.

Team Upgrade and Team Levels had their first classes for the semester yesterday. It was so great to see my girls again and I my goodness I felt like a little grandma… My chickens are getting taller, they are growing up and they have all developed their dancing skills. My goodness I’m proud… It was so exciting to see new faces also. Our sisterhood is growing!
I feel greatly sore in my legs today. But I think I’m going to take a visit to the gym. I feel like giving myself that treat …And then eat pizza afterwards! Or Burger King… Haven’t decided yet.


Friday is down to it’s final minutes. I’ve had my classes at FLEX and I felt gooooood. What is it to say, really? A few nails almost broke in the 5-6 y/o class when we were doing gymnastics – some are bendable now… Ouch! I can’t imagine not working at Flex, like what? It’s so obvious! I really, truly love it! To be honest guys, I’m really tired so giving you tons of details of today will only end of being a speech of gibberish. Though I’m looking forward on getting back to my boss tomorrow – it seems like we might get together a Hiphop crew for competitions that will represent Flex. Cross your fingers!


Thursday surprises

Yesterday was both great and.. and things got totally unacceptably weird. My care for my students safety became very clear yesterday. When I say safety, then I mean emotional safety. Of course it was important before, but yesterday it really became in my face. I am not going to go into detail of what exactly happened. But what I’m going to focus on is I’m really grateful that things became so clear as they did yesterday – this means we understand each other better, my girls knows how I resonate plus what is okay vs not okay. I will set some ground rules so we all have a solid safe foundation to stand on. 
Yesterday I had a private lesson and then class with Team Advanced. I’ve noticed I’m getting a bit harder and stricter – not in a mean or an uncomfortable way though. But it feels like I’m getting more things done now. I’m developing! Meeting my girls was great, there were a couple ones that were on a try-out for the Team. They are both cute and hopefully we’ll have these two different talents and interesting personalities in our group.

I will soon be on my way to FLEX. Friday love! Their second week for the semester… It’s nice to be on the go again. Well, I’m off! Still wearing my “Nap Queen” sweatshirt, so that needs to change. Talk to you guys later.

In sickness and in health

When I woke up this morning I could barely wait to get my butt to the studio. Though my body haven’t felt so well for the last couple of days, so I was a bit worried for not being able to work today. But the adrenaline of going to Marikas made it all better.😍  The first thing that popped into my mind when I came into the door was home. Ain’t that nice, huh? It smelled just the same as it did when I was 13, 14 and 15 years old. Which was a huge nostalgia. It all started at Marikas so it is pretty amazing to come back and continue where the roots are.

I got there early to just enjoy the atmosphere… (cheesy) but also to choreograph, I swear! I danced for like an hour, ate dinner with a dear friend at the pizzeria (that is on the same street.. how awesome isn’t that??? I’m a real pizza lover). The one thing we always do for sure is showing each other memes that reminds us of one another. Meme addicts? Yep. I also performed my sweet cheer routines I did on the last episode of 100% Vaken …and I have never seen someone cringe so much.😂  I love making people cringe.❤

It was a perfect timing to have that dinner because after that I had a 2 hour private lesson. It was nice to see so much improvements in one session. I’ve said this a thousand times, at least to myself but I would like to take more classes. At least practice more for myself than “only” for the reason of preparing classes. I think this will change a lot now when I’m back at Marikas. I see so much brightness infront of me!

Tuesday thoughts

Why can’t time go any faster? I want to get to Thursday and have my class with Team Advanced. I looked over my plan for the lesson and put more details into to make it a real kickstart. Now I am so ready and I don’t know what to do with myself – I love the choreography we’re going to do and I can’t stop dancing it. The sweet thing about Team Advanced is that I really need to ransack and push myself, specially now we are going to have more lecture’s into the course. I love it!! One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I feel way more confident and relaxed this semester. Like totally calm. I know what I’m doing. This fall was Stockholm Dance Team’s first semester so of course it is a bit shaky when it’s all new.

From a weekend at my friend’s collage.

Thursdays lecture is going to be about building your own brand, social media, finding your audience, promoting yourself and how to get noticed without contacts. I’m excited and ready, obviously. In my case it is important to be prepared so I have structure since I’m a real chatterbox. I’m going to keep it down to 15 minutes, because I want the last 15 free to rehearse or have them stretch. But mostly why I can’t wait until Thursday is because I genuinely have missed my girls!


A Sunday

Hello all royalties! I hope you all had a funny sunny Sunday. Mine has been relaxed and productive – I have really enjoyed it! I started my day with heading to FLEX in Vallentuna to be present at a meeting for parents whom kids just going to start competing and whom already are experienced. So far it’s the best dance school I’ve ever been employed at! They really know what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it. I love the professionalism and warmth at FLEX which makes me want to be involved as much as possible. I feel really blessed to be FLEX’s official and only Streetdance teacher, and hiphop competition coach. I’m there to stay! After that meeting I went straight to  the city and met up Tiddi. We had lunch and talked about everything from Heaven to earth… Literally! But mostly we talk about dance – we both have so much to share and it is so… FUN! Tiddi is both a dear friend and a coworker. She works for me at Stockholm Dance Team. One of the things we discussed was what kind of specific challenges we can give the students to increase every individuals strengths and weaknesses. We developed and expanded our ideas and this spring theme a lot during this lunch. We really think the same but different. Which is perfect!

I felt happy when I sat there with Tiddi and talked about Stockholm Dance Team. Two young dancers filled with inspiration who can do and have done SO MANY THINGS. It’s amazing how much we are capable of – and I mean like everyone if we really go for it with confidence and determination while being realistic with a twitch of crazy. I’m getting mysteriously curious what my limits are. One thing is for sure. they are getting blurrier and fewer fast! I’m really blessed and I have a headache from all the sugar from the dessert. But it was good, reaaaaal good.

Highlights of 2016

2016 is a year I won’t miss. But it sure had some things that made it the most beautiful one yet. These are my highlights.

sdt_logoStarted my own Dance School
This is the biggest accomplishment and the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m not exaggerating. It’s such a gift to have all of these wonderful students, make dreams
come true and have full control of what I want to teach. There is so much love to spread and it comes right back. ❤

20167201444312461_sbigMade my own Dance Video
The video “Know Me” which is to the song Wild Things by Alessia Cara will always be an icon of where everything started – my dance school and my show&video organization.

20160827072719171911280853_sbigPerformed at the We Are Sthlm festival
Together with my show&video organization members and students we performed three times our 7minute long show that Tiddi and I choreographed. It was so fun that we all danced together.

screenshot_20161217-215403Directed and choreographed a Dance Show
One part of me thinks it’s crazy how I made my dance school’s Christmas Show happen. But the Super Woman in me thinks… “Of course, I can do anything”.

img-20161210-wa0002Surprised by students
On the last day of rehearsals my dear students gave me a heart attack surprise of chocolate, candy, balloons, spa kit, roses and love!

screenshot_20170103-130753Thank you letters
My dear friend Tiddi has given me such sweet letters after every project she’s worked with me in and given me my favorite candy! I keep these little cards safe. I feel so much love for this girl!

20170103_132241Guesting 100% Vaken
I got pretty much free hands to plan my time on the TV screen with those Youtubers. Which I loved! The people backstage were so happy and satisfied which made me happy. I really enjoyed it and of course it’s a boost to hear from professionals that you deliver.

20161007204314945321280853_sbigStarted working at Showdansskolan FLEX
This school is such a blessing – the students, the teacher and my boss. This is really a serious school. Really determined with their dancing, they take good care of their students and us teachers. I really find this FLEX family amazing! But most of all – I’m having tons of fun teaching these students!

20161112171411404701280853_sbig-1Decided to start competing for FLEX
I have been with my students at one of their competitions and I’m coaching them every week. I want to be a part of FLEX as much as possible and I love competing. I used to compete when I lived in Dubai. I got my license so I now can represent FLEX when competing. It’s time!

skarmavbild-2016-12-23-kl-15-34-26Got a job at Move2Dance
This was very spontaneous yet a fun progress! I’m of course serious when getting a new job, but I’m surprised how smooth it all went. This is a fun adventure! I got one more place I can spread my love for dance at. 😀

DSCN2413.jpgLogan Garments as a sponsor
Getting a comment on Instagram that tells me to message their Facebook messenger, we discuss on messenger and then gets final info on Gmail. After a while – hello clothes and discount codes! ❤

Made collaborations with Stronger, Elly Pistol and Emojisar
My blogging and Instagram have done themselves really great and I love all of the brands above… So making collaborations with them was a real pleasure of mine!

After writing all this down… Dang, I’ve had a good year! I’m going to write down some hopes and goals for 2017. Talk to you potatoes later!

What rhymes on Ben, Sara, Sabina and Kammi?

Hey potatoes! Are you my potatoes? Of course you are.. Worst in the world of updates today. Tomorrow will be better, I promise. I got stuff planned. I’m sure you’ll like tomorrow veeery very mucho.

Today has been flipping and dipping pancakes. What am I even saying… I’m tired today okay. Again? Yes. Again. But I’ve had two good calls today. I’m overly excited on this little thing I’m going to do on Thursday night. You Swedish kiddos knows what 100% VAKEN is right? No? Well all of you knows what a Youtuber is? Good! Anyway they are going to send this show, 100% VAKEN live for 6 hours on SVTplay and on Youtube. So it’s a crazy long show…

I don’t think I’m allowed to say what exactly I’m going to do since it should be surprise. But I can say that I will be one of the guests that will “challenge” the Youtubers. …And I will have the CUTEST costume, that’s for sure. My gosh, I’m excited guys. Before I go to sleep I like to watch some of these Youtubers videos since I find it really relaxing. So it’s going to be really fun to actually meet them – specially through working. That’s always an extra plus. I will be in the end of this little show, so if you don’t feel like being awake at like 2.30 am, I understand 😉 I will anyhow link the video and tell you the part I’m in when I wake up… After I’ve watched it myself…


Another call I got today was about my class plans for spring. Dear spring come faster #WhatEverySwedishPersonIsSayingRightNow. Anyways, I got a job at another dance school and this time I’m going to have little potatoes. I mean like, mini potatoes! French fries. That’s the size! Showjazz for 8-10 and 11-13 year olds. How fun right? It’s at this school in Knivsta called Move2Dance. I have really great vibes about this one. I’m not nervous which I’m usually am. I’m just lovingly and genuinely excited. Good day folks, good day indeed.

How to: Front Split

Hey guys!  Let’s talk stretching and let’s go through some basics. First of all you should see stretching in general as a workout. Your body is constantly activated in all the poses and be aware of the power of breathing – these are two guidelines that your body will thank and award you for. Inhaling (breath in) and exhaling (breath out). Inhale through you nose, exhale through your mouth and as you do so, try (if you can) get deeper into your pose. Most obvious of all – never stretch when you’re not warmed up and do not make a pose you’re not sure your doing properly. Ask someone with knowledge or look it up since it can do more harm than good if you do it in an incorrect way… And we want to go forward in our progress and not backwards, right?

Now why are we here? We want to make a front split happen! In my opinion this is the “easiest” of all the different splits there is, so it’s a good way to start in this beautiful world of flexibility.

I’m guessing you know what a front split is since you’re here, but just incase – this is how it looks like.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

1. First pose! 
No matter what my goal is with my stretching, I always start with this pose. See how I’m pressing myself to my legs but at the same time I’m striving to come down to the floor with my upper body? See how I press my legs backwards while striving to get my bottom reaching the sky? In this pose I find all my little buttons I need to connect and activate my muscles, so get an effective and safe foundation for my stretch session. Remember to breath properly.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

2. Second pose!
I let my hands touch the floor and lift my heels up and down. Standing in the first one isn’t that comfortable (though it cracks nice in your back) so this one is a good one for your calfs. But remember – keep that body activated! 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. Third pose!
It’s just what it looks like. Keep your hips straight, don’t just hang (it’s not a position to rest in). This one helps at least me to open up them hips, stretches up the back and is a little push on the inside of those royal thighs (depending on how wide you stand).
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

4. Fourth Pose! 
Now we are getting to the real deal people. You see how my knee and heel have a nice line between them? Yes, you do Sugar and you should do the same. I will nag this until you get so annoyed that you’ll never want to visit my blog again – DON’T HANG. You keep yourself activated and dedicated. You’re Superwoman! ..Superman… Supersomething… Supersomeone! I hope you’ll feel a little burn, because you should.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

5. Fifth pose!
Same as above and same guidelines. Only this time the opposite hand of the leg is down. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

6. Sixth pose!
Same guidlines as above. You remember? That’s right. Breath, activated, line between the heel and knee. But yea, leg down.  
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

7. Seventh pose!
This one can be tricky. Don’t do this one if your kneecap gets to hold your weight. See how I’m “standing” on the beginning of my thigh? Yes, that’s what we are after. Of course – heel + knee rule, breath, activated. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

8. Eighth pose!
What I’m striving for here is a flat even surface to give my upper leg the stretch it deserves. Notice how my upper foot has a flat turnout. Here it is easy to just hang because it is kind of fun to feel like a rubber band, don’t. You know the guidelines.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

9. Ninth pose!
I’ve done this one for years but I have never done it in any class in Sweden and I haven’t seen it on any tutorials… Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. It was anyway something my coach, David at Studio First in Dubai told me to do which I’ve sticked to and it have really helped. He always had good tips.. Anyway, I guess it’s pretty clear how to get in this pose. But the trick is to slide more forward and more to the side, until you get yourself in the split. That’s what I did. When I learned how to do the front split I only did the 9 and 10. But now I know there are more to mix it up. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

10. Tenth pose!
First – GUIDELINES! and make sure you keep your chest straight forward. It’s not about reaching to foot, even though it looks cool. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Don’t overdo it but be a little brave. Balance! Count to 20-isch on every pose, every side or just let your body decide. When I’m lazy, I count to 16.

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