21 year old Swedish girl – born in the woods of Enhörna, spent her teens in Dubai and makes her 20´s dreams come true in Stockholm. She grew up being a shy chubby kid into a family filled with art. When she turned 13, Cupid hit her with a arrow filled with huge love for dance. That passion has led to a never ending journey with adventures, a career, amazing people, heartbreaks, knowledge and experiences. Emma turned her dancing into a lifestyle and you can take part of it right here on this blog. 

Okay, I wrote all that.. No, one writes for me. But it would be cool if I had a secretary that could represent me in these stiff situations, so I didn’t risk looking like a total goof. I really tried to make it sound professional though. But I’m aware of that it turned out a bit cheesy. Anyway, welcome and enjoy. Have blast and don’t go too crazy. Stay in school and eat your veggies.