Thursday surprises

Yesterday was both great and.. and things got totally unacceptably weird. My care for my students safety became very clear yesterday. When I say safety, then I mean emotional safety. Of course it was important before, but yesterday it really became in my face. I am not going to go into detail of what exactly happened. But what I’m going to focus on is I’m really grateful that things became so clear as they did yesterday – this means we understand each other better, my girls knows how I resonate plus what is okay vs not okay. I will set some ground rules so we all have a solid safe foundation to stand on. 
Yesterday I had a private lesson and then class with Team Advanced. I’ve noticed I’m getting a bit harder and stricter – not in a mean or an uncomfortable way though. But it feels like I’m getting more things done now. I’m developing! Meeting my girls was great, there were a couple ones that were on a try-out for the Team. They are both cute and hopefully we’ll have these two different talents and interesting personalities in our group.

I will soon be on my way to FLEX. Friday love! Their second week for the semester… It’s nice to be on the go again. Well, I’m off! Still wearing my “Nap Queen” sweatshirt, so that needs to change. Talk to you guys later.


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