A Sunday

Hello all royalties! I hope you all had a funny sunny Sunday. Mine has been relaxed and productive – I have really enjoyed it! I started my day with heading to FLEX in Vallentuna to be present at a meeting for parents whom kids just going to start competing and whom already are experienced. So far it’s the best dance school I’ve ever been employed at! They really know what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it. I love the professionalism and warmth at FLEX which makes me want to be involved as much as possible. I feel really blessed to be FLEX’s official and only Streetdance teacher, and hiphop competition coach. I’m there to stay! After that meeting I went straight to  the city and met up Tiddi. We had lunch and talked about everything from Heaven to earth… Literally! But mostly we talk about dance – we both have so much to share and it is so… FUN! Tiddi is both a dear friend and a coworker. She works for me at Stockholm Dance Team. One of the things we discussed was what kind of specific challenges we can give the students to increase every individuals strengths and weaknesses. We developed and expanded our ideas and this spring theme a lot during this lunch. We really think the same but different. Which is perfect!

I felt happy when I sat there with Tiddi and talked about Stockholm Dance Team. Two young dancers filled with inspiration who can do and have done SO MANY THINGS. It’s amazing how much we are capable of – and I mean like everyone if we really go for it with confidence and determination while being realistic with a twitch of crazy. I’m getting mysteriously curious what my limits are. One thing is for sure. they are getting blurrier and fewer fast! I’m really blessed and I have a headache from all the sugar from the dessert. But it was good, reaaaaal good.


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