Why so serious?

Things are heavy in the family since a dear member have left for another dimension. My grandmother’s brother who was close to us all is no longer in his physical body. Times like these I’m happy that I got my little gift – to hear, feel and see what others may not. I’m glad I can be a support for the ones mourning. Though it’s a weird thing to see energy. It’s a weird thing to hear someone talking by giving you inner pictures and by using your own feelings. It’s weird to feel smells, presences and even touch things that gives you another persons memory. It’s all weird. Still, I’m not used to it. Still, I haven’t accepted it. But days like these – it’s a gift.

I am now in our apartment in the city, but I want to go back to our peaceful country house by the stables with all those pretty trees and hills. Times like these, all you want is some quietness and rest. A rest from all the weirdness, but yet you wanna learn more about it and yet you want your own time to mourn. 



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