How to: erase your stress

Hey guys! You know why we’re here. We’ve already talked about what we can do to get rid of that stress instantly. Haven’t got those keys? Get them HERE. Now those are quick fixes. Today we are discussing what we can do to prevent it and live a stress free life with self-awareness. Aaah, those words sounds like music, right? Well it can happen! So let’s make it happen.

Like in my last post, I want you to start asking yourself the following questions.
– What makes me stressed? 
– What is the reason I become stressed of this? 
– Do I need to stress over this?
– What happens when I stress? (What am I doing/how am I handling it? What am I feeling about myself? How is this interfering with my personal relations?)
– What can I do in the long run to make it better?
 What can I do to feel better now?

We are here to talk about what we can do in the long run. So we need a foundation to stand on. Your answers give you a foundation and it gives you a way to be able to look down on your stress. Imagine your stress as a ball – now you can hold that stress ball that is filled with your answers. You can hold it, bounce it, and throw it away. But most importantly, instead of it nagging inside of you – you can now see it in front of you. Which gives you some understanding for yourself and maybe even inspiration for what needs to be done.

What we need to specifically do is individual, since our reasons are different and our life situations aren’t the same. But I have some guidelines for you, which are at least helping me a lot. When I follow these guidelines I can feel my life is way more balanced and it prevents me from feeling stress.

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Plan your time
Rest and recovery of energy is just as important as everything else. So when you are planning your day or your week, include those pauses. ❤ You’ll thank yourself.

You don’t have to deliver… All the time

A great way to get burned out and keep yourself stressed is being in a constant deliver mode. You need to have times you can take a few steps back to rest and recover.Processed with VSCO with p5 presetTreat yourself a therapy session 
Ventilate about your needs, problems and life situation with a professional can give you some amazing keys for improvement to get more peace into your life. After a therapy session your soul and heart should feel light! And as a plus, you’ve gotten way wiser.

Stop in time
Know your limits – and that ain’t a flaw, it’s a strength! Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Another thing that has a big impact is how much we move, what we consume to our body and the quality plus amount of sleep. Who we are interacting with is both giving and taking our energy – so chose your company wisely. Do you remember who’s the most important person you need to take care of? You got it, it’s you!

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We can control the nagging, non-resting and tiring stress. Though we need practice, let it become a habit, get self-awareness and build a tower tall love for ourselves. I’m very positive that by following your needs and the steps above will help. The steps aren’t many, thank goodness. But every step is a lot of work since they probably require a change of behavior.

I will not let you guys go after this post. I will go deeper into topics like these ones. If you have personal requests or want advice on your situation, please use the Contact page.



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