Hopes for 2017

Are you supposed to feel something different because it’s a new year? Well it feels like every January 1st, you finish your book and start writing a new one. I’m on my 22nd edition. I love the positive aura that is spread all over 2017 – me as many others have a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic year. 2016 was an overwhelming year with a huge success but it was also a year with heartache, many hospital visits and sickness. Though after this rollercoaster I feel calm that everything that needs to happen to me, will happen. All the bad things I didn’t see an end of, turned out to be excellent lessons that are giving me the powers of a Super Woman. Some are still in progress of healing, obviously.

But where do I want with all of this? Well, I am so sure that every single one of us can remain calm – because no matter what we believe in we can trust that higher powers, the universe or/and our inner self’s. Because it will guide us to situations we need to go through. I have been the living example of that this year. It’s really been proven to me that the most beautiful and teachable experiences are unexpected. Which is kind of a wonderful mystery.

I have started to accept the fact that things doesn’t really turn out the way I think or plan it will. Though I’m very well at getting my will through, like my students say, “…Because you’re Emma”. But sometimes there comes needles in my wheels, which can slow down my flow. I get irritated every time but with patience it always turns out to be a better solution or opportunity around the corner.


After reading this then you’ve probably realized I don’t really have New Year resolutions. I got my plan that is open for changes and adventures. Though I have some wishes I want to accomplish – if they happen this year, it would be a fun twist.

– Get a permanent place to have my Dance School
– Backup dancer at Eurovision Song Contest (This is more of a goal I want to happen during the next couple of years)
– Become 30k Baes on Instagram
– Get a Bernese Mountain Dog if I permanently live in a country house
– Compete in Hiphop Adult’s silver class
– Become hysterically and healthily in-love with the right person




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