Highlights of 2016

2016 is a year I won’t miss. But it sure had some things that made it the most beautiful one yet. These are my highlights.

sdt_logoStarted my own Dance School
This is the biggest accomplishment and the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m not exaggerating. It’s such a gift to have all of these wonderful students, make dreams
come true and have full control of what I want to teach. There is so much love to spread and it comes right back. ❤

20167201444312461_sbigMade my own Dance Video
The video “Know Me” which is to the song Wild Things by Alessia Cara will always be an icon of where everything started – my dance school and my show&video organization.

20160827072719171911280853_sbigPerformed at the We Are Sthlm festival
Together with my show&video organization members and students we performed three times our 7minute long show that Tiddi and I choreographed. It was so fun that we all danced together.

screenshot_20161217-215403Directed and choreographed a Dance Show
One part of me thinks it’s crazy how I made my dance school’s Christmas Show happen. But the Super Woman in me thinks… “Of course, I can do anything”.

img-20161210-wa0002Surprised by students
On the last day of rehearsals my dear students gave me a heart attack surprise of chocolate, candy, balloons, spa kit, roses and love!

screenshot_20170103-130753Thank you letters
My dear friend Tiddi has given me such sweet letters after every project she’s worked with me in and given me my favorite candy! I keep these little cards safe. I feel so much love for this girl!

20170103_132241Guesting 100% Vaken
I got pretty much free hands to plan my time on the TV screen with those Youtubers. Which I loved! The people backstage were so happy and satisfied which made me happy. I really enjoyed it and of course it’s a boost to hear from professionals that you deliver.

20161007204314945321280853_sbigStarted working at Showdansskolan FLEX
This school is such a blessing – the students, the teacher and my boss. This is really a serious school. Really determined with their dancing, they take good care of their students and us teachers. I really find this FLEX family amazing! But most of all – I’m having tons of fun teaching these students!

20161112171411404701280853_sbig-1Decided to start competing for FLEX
I have been with my students at one of their competitions and I’m coaching them every week. I want to be a part of FLEX as much as possible and I love competing. I used to compete when I lived in Dubai. I got my license so I now can represent FLEX when competing. It’s time!

skarmavbild-2016-12-23-kl-15-34-26Got a job at Move2Dance
This was very spontaneous yet a fun progress! I’m of course serious when getting a new job, but I’m surprised how smooth it all went. This is a fun adventure! I got one more place I can spread my love for dance at. 😀

DSCN2413.jpgLogan Garments as a sponsor
Getting a comment on Instagram that tells me to message their Facebook messenger, we discuss on messenger and then gets final info on Gmail. After a while – hello clothes and discount codes! ❤

Made collaborations with Stronger, Elly Pistol and Emojisar
My blogging and Instagram have done themselves really great and I love all of the brands above… So making collaborations with them was a real pleasure of mine!

After writing all this down… Dang, I’ve had a good year! I’m going to write down some hopes and goals for 2017. Talk to you potatoes later!


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