How to relax: NOW

A topic I really find interesting and I personally would say I’m a self-named expert in… is stress! I have a lot of experiences of different kinds of stress, how to get into it and how to get out of it. That’s why I’m obviously writing this post – to share my tips! Sometime soon I want to make a post on how to make it better in the long run too, because it’s a road of progress we are talking about here. But when you are in it – it’s nice to have inner keys on how to be able to handle it on the spot.

Before we start I want you to analyze yourself by asking yourself the following questions:
– What makes me stressed?
– What is the reason I become stressed of this?
– Do I need to stress over this?
– What happens when I stress? (what am I doing/how am I handling it? What am I feeling about myself? How is this interfering with my personal relations?)
– What can I do in the long run to make it better?
What can I do to feel better now?

When I’m in the gray dizzy cloud of stress it helps to try making it objective. What I mean with that is trying to look over the situation with someone else’s eyes. By doing that it becomes a little clearer of how bad it actually is, what needs to be done and what not needs to be done. At least I don’t really get rational when I get all worked up with flying thoughts and heavy feelings. Helping it being more objective is making your stress an object (bah duhm tss..) and how I am doing that is writing it all down. Write down the questions and answer them on paper. After that, you have your stress and maybe even your solutions in front of you.

There are a couple simple tricks you can do to calm yourself down.

My goodness what a mind-blowing advice, right? Never heard that one before… But let me explain. When you feel stress – it probably feels like something is stuck somewhere in your body, right?. I usually feel it in my chest or my upper tummy. When inhaling, I tense the place my stress is located while inhaling the oxygen to the same location. Which means I collect all my oxygen to where my stress’s is positioned. Hold and tense for a couple seconds. Then I exhale slowly while losing my tenseness to relaxation. This has made many disasters stop.

Activate both sides of your brain
Okay, you are all worked up and it’s too late for the breathing stuff. What to do? Well I’ll tell you. Grab a lemon, clementine, tennis ball or something small you can throw between the palms of your hands. What you’re going to do is to easily throw that ball between your hands with some good width between them – so you activate both sides of your brain. This simple activity occupies it, which is calming. Don’t ask me exactly how, but it just works! At least really well for me. I always feel more relieved and relaxed after doing this for a little while.

What to do next to give that stress a rest is very individual. But I’ve written down some temporary solutions for you:

Get away
Environmental change – get out! If that means going to a café, taking a walk, go to the swimming hall to use their sauna, go to your country house or if you have opportunity – take a spontaneous last minute trip. Doesn’t have to be long since it’s effective to get perspective.

Make your home a temple
Doesn’t matter if you have your own home, only have a room or sharing room with a sibling/partner – make it your temple. What I mean with that is cleaning it, remove clothes since textiles makes the air more heavy and makes it more dusty, put away everything that doesn’t give you good vibes and lastly give it a touch of love. Your home is your battery charger, but it needs strong good energy to start with. Enjoy your home!

Hang out with yourself
Never underestimate the beautiful stillness of being by yourself. Being alone is not the same thing as being lonely. No need to be around other people all the time – so much healing and battery charging is done when you take time for yourself. How you spend your time, is up to you. No activity can be wrong if you feel it’s what you feel like doing.

Meet up with a friend/your family
It’s a sweet escape to ventilate, laugh and gossip with your close friends and family. It sure brings a fun sweet rush of other impressions. It’s nice to think of completely different things for a while, hear others thoughts and also to be able to ventilate what you have in your own mind.

Do something that makes you nostalgic
A good way to come back to the now is to do something nostalgic. It gives you a little slap in the face of what you have accomplished so far and where you are heading with your life. What you wanted then and what you want now. How you’ve changed and how you haven’t changed. It can also be nice to just travel in time for a while.

Do something that makes you feel a little safer about the future
Well I haven’t met one person who is an expert at being a sucker of not thinking too much about the future. In my position: I’m living at home and I’m working as a dancer. What I would do is for example put away some extra money in the saving account or take a dance class. Because then, I have saved for my future needs. Or another dancer has shared her/his knowledge, which has given me inspiration so I can do a better job.

Treat yourself a workout
When you are stressed it could feel like a thousand needles are sticking your body and you can barely sit down of restlessness. Then go make your body sore and tired at the gym! A good workout can really change your mood to the better. Make those muscles work and burn.

Treat yourself by resting

When you’re feeling worn out and constantly are on the go… Then what you need is a good dang rest in sweats. It’s okay to do nothing productive. It’s okay to do it several days if you feel it’s needed. It’s okay to take a day off. You need to gain back your energy, so let your body take its time to do so.

Make a drastic change

Ugh, you could just be restless and bored of everything so just something needs to happen. What do you want to do? What do you want out of it? Is it worth it? Of course! Do it, do it now and go ALL IN!

Get a hold on your routines
If you are a person who wants your days and weeks planned, then it’s understandable you feel on unease when you’re out of your routines. There is a reason why your routines didn’t work out, right? Find the weak link (which is not you by the way…) and make an adjustment and try again.

When reading these options – what seems more appealing? What option makes you feel, “doing that would be nice”? It could be more than one… Well, those are probably what you need to do.

My uncle said something very wise just now “We spend our health to make money and we spend our money on our health”. I just thought it was a good thought. So take step back, what’s really important here – you are!

All of these options are things you can do right now! Your imagination, creativity and fantasy can paint them even more so they fit your own needs. I know stress can just mean you’re being overwhelmed – use the breathing and brain exercise to focus. Nothing is more important than your health so give yourself that off time by the charger. If you want more tips and tricks for your specific situation. Feel free to contact me.



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