Special and spectacular

Good morning! Another night with an unwelcome dream and this one woke me up at 5:30. You know when you’re slowly waking up, but the dream continues – you are still all dozy so you’re not sure what is real and what’s not? That went on and it doesn’t really give the new day a fair or good start. Because it is always a dream you wish was real, right? Anyways, no sad face and moving on.

When I was totally awake I had my pug by the end of my bed and my malteser puppy by the side of it wanting to come up. Common, who could not resist smiling there? They make every day brighter even though they know how to go on my nerves… Haven’t met anyone who hasn’t found their snoring annoying actually – though I find it really relaxing.

Everyday isn’t so special and spectacular. This one isn’t and that feels okay. People are often trying to be so much more than they are. I’m not sure if that is a correct way to phrace it. But what I mean is – trying to make everything sound so amazing, successful and overhyped positive. I know I’ve had that struggle. Just being isn’t a bad thing. Today is just a very chill day. I’m awake early, drinking a glas of Pepsi Max and a eating a slice of bread for breakfast (healthy and Tumblr… I know…) and watching the news with the sound off while I write with you guys.

I am planning to head to the gym around lunchtime to warm up and make some “tutorials” on how I did to be able to do the front split. It’s not that hard, but I thought… Why not! Because I haven’t really seen all “my” tips and tricks. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong, maybe I’m doing waaaay right. 😉

Later today I’m heading over to Grandma och Grandpa to bake gingerbread for Christmas. This is the first Christmas-ish thing I’m doing this year. Crazy! Though I don’t feel like doing stars, hearts, some goat or tree… I want to have a dance theme on my cookies! By the way, am I the only one who likes gingerbread thick and chewy? My grandma always wants them thin and crispy, so we always have separate boxes. But for some reason my gingerbreads finishes first…hmmm, Grandpa?


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