Romantic stranger

 Hi again guys! Only minutes left until it is a new year. How nice ain’t that?

I want to end this year by sharing one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced.

Alright… I was at a café at the airport in München, starting from Dubai on my way to Stockholm. I wore a knitted long shirt, leggings and uggs. I remember I had my hair up in a messy bun and I sat there smirking while listening to Beyonce on my pink little iPod. In the table in front of me there were four or five guys with their traveling bags.

I was totally in my own world with my headphones on while checking out the planes from the big window that were beside those guys table. I barely noticed them standing up and getting ready to go to their gate. But I sure did when one of the guys came up to my table and gave me this little ripped hand-made note from the café’s paper menu. Those small words have made a huge impact. It is a  guidence and a little reminder that I’m worth the best. He gave me a smile and then got quick feet to keep up with his friends.

I felt and I still feel so special for getting this note, and the song he “gave to me” brings me hope and perspective. I want to find that person who wants and fights to be my “last first kiss”. And obviously I want to feel the same about him… My gosh, teenage-lovey-dovey Emma is here. But yea, no one deserves any less than the best.

This is the note he wrote which I keep safe with my Hello Kitty. 



Questions & Answers #1

…And I’m back! I’m kicking away this break with a Q&A with questions from my Snapchat and Instagram. If you want to add me – my snapchat is emalalalalala and my gram is emmarichterlarsson


Version 2

I started dancing when I was 13 years old.

If we are talking role models as in dancing then I would say that I’m my own role model, since I don’t want to become anyone else. My goodness, how cheesy and self-absorbed that sounded. But what I mean is that I have proved many strengths and accomplished important things I didn’t think I could or would. That’s why it’s important for me to drive my own race. You know what I mean? But people that are a big inspiration is Kyle Hanagami because of his humbleness, creativity and going against negative odds in the past that have moved me. Keisha Von Arnold because of her amazing huge journey. Milena Jacuniak because of her journey and warm way of teaching.

If we keep talking the language of dance then my strength is that I’m quite creative and fast when choreographing plus I pick up others choreographies pretty quick. I have knowledge of many dance styles and am very comfortable on stage, in front of cameras and when freestyling.  But my weaknesses though, I don’t treat myself being a student enough – which means I need to find comfort zones to get out of in my several styles and someone to pinpoint my mistakes. When I’m very concentrated when dancing – I look for some reason sad.

That selfie though. But to answer your question… My boo is Harry Styles and all those 1D songs are about me. We’re practically married, having 15 kids and 3 dogs together but he is always on tour so he talks to me through his songs. That’s how works so yea. Now you know.



What was the first thing you did after you’ve decided to start your dance school?

There were many steps to get that ball rolling. But I guess the first thing I did was to get it ALL DOWN on paper. What I wanted to do, goals, budget plans, concept, advertisement… From that paper I just made it happen. 😛

Would you like to come back to Bliss?

For you who don’t know – I used to teach at Bliss Dance Academy and I quit this semester. Well I want to make my own choreographies, plan my own classes and be able to decide what I want my students to learn. I can’t do that at Bliss – so unfortunately working there doesn’t develop me as a teacher anymore so going back is not in my mind dear ❤

Keep being so dang concern about my health and well-being as I am at the moment.


Well, I told you I would answer you all on the blog. Douche-boo baaii! Girls and boys never ever fall for this ❤


1. My homeboy Jesus!
2. Horse-back riding, gymming, photographing and most obvious of all – dancing.
3. YES! Three dogs and a horse (if that counts as a pet?)

That was all of them! Talk to you later!

Why doubt when you always become better

One of the things I was analyzing today was the feelings that blows up when you get your heart broken. I’m surprised how I didn’t let it really show how much it hurt when it happened to me. But jeez boy, I’m was in a constant pain. I am going to describe the feeling for you with a wish that you’ll might feel I can relate to your situation. I’m also going to give some light on this so hear me out.

To describe the pain in words it’s like you’ve swallowed knives and bricks. Which have blocked and are stuck in your stomach and chest. They’re heavy to bear which makes you tired but also decreases your appetite which makes you even more weak. If a too sensitive memory or thought of “what if…” comes up, it’s like someone gives you a deep cut from the inside. Your eyes are pretty much always tense and swollen. Because if you just let yourself think too much about it, you would just want to cry. But you’ve already cried so much so you’ve ran out of tears so it would just be painful. Pretty amazing that one person can have such a huge impact on you right? With all this pain

Some doubts I had here was that: will I ever find someone who is better for me? Will I get over this? Am I just in chock or is this really how sad I am? Am I worth someones else? Why wasn’t I worth his love? I was worth my own love, but why couldn’t I feel it when it happened?

When I was in my worst state, I was in my bubble bath and the mind-opening situation for was that one of the bathing decorations randomly fell on my shoulder. Maybe just a coincidence? But my head connected it with that it patted my shoulder and someone had the meaning to say, “you’re okay”. That little pat, made me be able to separate my thoughts and look down on the situation. Which have made me way wiser of my own feelings and this kind of experience in general.

But where do I want to come with all these brick and girl power struggles? You have probably your own experiences that made you doubt yourself. Because that is the main thought – something bad happens that makes you doubt yourself. Hear me out. Well I realized that every single time I’ve had this/a similar feeling – big or small. (Doesn’t have to be heartbreak. But you know when you go through something rough or something really hard/ a chock hits you.) I’ve always come out of it proud, strong, wise, with more knowledge, experience and most important of all – happier! I always became a better version of myself. The process is painful but it’s not really leaving any wounded scars. I’m just changing my skin, sloughs. That counts for you too if you let yourself. It makes you sore and sensitive, yes. Because changing skin is really tough. It’s tiring and you’re scared because you have no idea how it will be – because all you know is that it will be different from the one you have now. Plus the process is individually long depending on the situation. But when you’re done and when the lovingly healing part comes… You will be so happy you got your new beautiful skin.img_20161218_093302

What rhymes on Ben, Sara, Sabina and Kammi?

Hey potatoes! Are you my potatoes? Of course you are.. Worst in the world of updates today. Tomorrow will be better, I promise. I got stuff planned. I’m sure you’ll like tomorrow veeery very mucho.

Today has been flipping and dipping pancakes. What am I even saying… I’m tired today okay. Again? Yes. Again. But I’ve had two good calls today. I’m overly excited on this little thing I’m going to do on Thursday night. You Swedish kiddos knows what 100% VAKEN is right? No? Well all of you knows what a Youtuber is? Good! Anyway they are going to send this show, 100% VAKEN live for 6 hours on SVTplay and on Youtube. So it’s a crazy long show…

I don’t think I’m allowed to say what exactly I’m going to do since it should be surprise. But I can say that I will be one of the guests that will “challenge” the Youtubers. …And I will have the CUTEST costume, that’s for sure. My gosh, I’m excited guys. Before I go to sleep I like to watch some of these Youtubers videos since I find it really relaxing. So it’s going to be really fun to actually meet them – specially through working. That’s always an extra plus. I will be in the end of this little show, so if you don’t feel like being awake at like 2.30 am, I understand 😉 I will anyhow link the video and tell you the part I’m in when I wake up… After I’ve watched it myself…


Another call I got today was about my class plans for spring. Dear spring come faster #WhatEverySwedishPersonIsSayingRightNow. Anyways, I got a job at another dance school and this time I’m going to have little potatoes. I mean like, mini potatoes! French fries. That’s the size! Showjazz for 8-10 and 11-13 year olds. How fun right? It’s at this school in Knivsta called Move2Dance. I have really great vibes about this one. I’m not nervous which I’m usually am. I’m just lovingly and genuinely excited. Good day folks, good day indeed.

How to: Front Split

Hey guys!  Let’s talk stretching and let’s go through some basics. First of all you should see stretching in general as a workout. Your body is constantly activated in all the poses and be aware of the power of breathing – these are two guidelines that your body will thank and award you for. Inhaling (breath in) and exhaling (breath out). Inhale through you nose, exhale through your mouth and as you do so, try (if you can) get deeper into your pose. Most obvious of all – never stretch when you’re not warmed up and do not make a pose you’re not sure your doing properly. Ask someone with knowledge or look it up since it can do more harm than good if you do it in an incorrect way… And we want to go forward in our progress and not backwards, right?

Now why are we here? We want to make a front split happen! In my opinion this is the “easiest” of all the different splits there is, so it’s a good way to start in this beautiful world of flexibility.

I’m guessing you know what a front split is since you’re here, but just incase – this is how it looks like.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

1. First pose! 
No matter what my goal is with my stretching, I always start with this pose. See how I’m pressing myself to my legs but at the same time I’m striving to come down to the floor with my upper body? See how I press my legs backwards while striving to get my bottom reaching the sky? In this pose I find all my little buttons I need to connect and activate my muscles, so get an effective and safe foundation for my stretch session. Remember to breath properly.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

2. Second pose!
I let my hands touch the floor and lift my heels up and down. Standing in the first one isn’t that comfortable (though it cracks nice in your back) so this one is a good one for your calfs. But remember – keep that body activated! 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. Third pose!
It’s just what it looks like. Keep your hips straight, don’t just hang (it’s not a position to rest in). This one helps at least me to open up them hips, stretches up the back and is a little push on the inside of those royal thighs (depending on how wide you stand).
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

4. Fourth Pose! 
Now we are getting to the real deal people. You see how my knee and heel have a nice line between them? Yes, you do Sugar and you should do the same. I will nag this until you get so annoyed that you’ll never want to visit my blog again – DON’T HANG. You keep yourself activated and dedicated. You’re Superwoman! ..Superman… Supersomething… Supersomeone! I hope you’ll feel a little burn, because you should.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

5. Fifth pose!
Same as above and same guidelines. Only this time the opposite hand of the leg is down. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

6. Sixth pose!
Same guidlines as above. You remember? That’s right. Breath, activated, line between the heel and knee. But yea, leg down.  
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

7. Seventh pose!
This one can be tricky. Don’t do this one if your kneecap gets to hold your weight. See how I’m “standing” on the beginning of my thigh? Yes, that’s what we are after. Of course – heel + knee rule, breath, activated. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

8. Eighth pose!
What I’m striving for here is a flat even surface to give my upper leg the stretch it deserves. Notice how my upper foot has a flat turnout. Here it is easy to just hang because it is kind of fun to feel like a rubber band, don’t. You know the guidelines.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

9. Ninth pose!
I’ve done this one for years but I have never done it in any class in Sweden and I haven’t seen it on any tutorials… Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. It was anyway something my coach, David at Studio First in Dubai told me to do which I’ve sticked to and it have really helped. He always had good tips.. Anyway, I guess it’s pretty clear how to get in this pose. But the trick is to slide more forward and more to the side, until you get yourself in the split. That’s what I did. When I learned how to do the front split I only did the 9 and 10. But now I know there are more to mix it up. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

10. Tenth pose!
First – GUIDELINES! and make sure you keep your chest straight forward. It’s not about reaching to foot, even though it looks cool. 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Don’t overdo it but be a little brave. Balance! Count to 20-isch on every pose, every side or just let your body decide. When I’m lazy, I count to 16.

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Classy backpacks for dance class

A few days until Christmas! Wonderful, isn’t it? Yesterday I wrote a post about what to always have in your bag when you go to a dance class. If you haven’t read it, I’ll link it at the bottom. I really advocate is backpacks and I’m guessing you’re not into this look. The big mistake I often make is that I use too many different bags and if you’re like me… You won’t plan ahead to pack your bag hours before your class. Which will lead to that I’m stressing around like a wild chicken trying to get everything 5 minutes before I need to go.

Where do I want to come with this? Well I have picked out some nice classy brand backpacks for you guys (not sponsored). Because of four reasons.

1. Let’s get some real quality that we will be proud of wearing.
2. Since it’s better quality, it will last and look new/good way longer.
3. You’ll feel more structured to only have one bag for your classes.
4. You will probably be more careful with it (by keeping it where you won’t forget where it is and where it’s safe).

Let’s start!

Calvin Klein


Gray 1195SEK HERE / White 1095SEK HERE

Enter Accessories 


Black 1357SEK HERE / White 1943SEK HERE / Gray 771SEK HERE



Black 1675SEK HERE / White 2095SEK HERE

Micheal Kors


Pink 3095SEK HERE / Black 2995SEK HERE

On purpose I’ve chosen bags that aren’t that big, because then you won’t risk bringing too many stuff with you that will be heavy for your back. But the list should fit just fine. Besides that, wouldn’t it be amazing to be the owner to one of these? I’m specially in-love with the white one from Enter. Now these cost quite a lot, I’m aware. But I will do another about classy backpacks on a budget too. I’m going to find some real bargains for you.

Want my special made what-to-bring list for dance class? Click HERE.

Talk to you sugars soon!

Special and spectacular

Good morning! Another night with an unwelcome dream and this one woke me up at 5:30. You know when you’re slowly waking up, but the dream continues – you are still all dozy so you’re not sure what is real and what’s not? That went on and it doesn’t really give the new day a fair or good start. Because it is always a dream you wish was real, right? Anyways, no sad face and moving on.

When I was totally awake I had my pug by the end of my bed and my malteser puppy by the side of it wanting to come up. Common, who could not resist smiling there? They make every day brighter even though they know how to go on my nerves… Haven’t met anyone who hasn’t found their snoring annoying actually – though I find it really relaxing.

Everyday isn’t so special and spectacular. This one isn’t and that feels okay. People are often trying to be so much more than they are. I’m not sure if that is a correct way to phrace it. But what I mean is – trying to make everything sound so amazing, successful and overhyped positive. I know I’ve had that struggle. Just being isn’t a bad thing. Today is just a very chill day. I’m awake early, drinking a glas of Pepsi Max and a eating a slice of bread for breakfast (healthy and Tumblr… I know…) and watching the news with the sound off while I write with you guys.

I am planning to head to the gym around lunchtime to warm up and make some “tutorials” on how I did to be able to do the front split. It’s not that hard, but I thought… Why not! Because I haven’t really seen all “my” tips and tricks. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong, maybe I’m doing waaaay right. 😉

Later today I’m heading over to Grandma och Grandpa to bake gingerbread for Christmas. This is the first Christmas-ish thing I’m doing this year. Crazy! Though I don’t feel like doing stars, hearts, some goat or tree… I want to have a dance theme on my cookies! By the way, am I the only one who likes gingerbread thick and chewy? My grandma always wants them thin and crispy, so we always have separate boxes. But for some reason my gingerbreads finishes first…hmmm, Grandpa?

Dance class – What is in your bag

Time for a dance class. How fun right? Being prepared and be fully covered when you come and leave the studio is a nice feeling. But sometimes it is hard to know what to bring so the bag ain’t getting too heavy or your missing something when you’re there. At least I think so. I have a list and I thought – why not share it. Might help someone getting more structure. If you have your own list. Feel free to speak up, of course!


I am very careful with my back. Which I should since I got scoliosis and nerv damages – a real party combo. But I think in general wearing a backpack is a great easy way to prevent your back to hurt you in the long run. 

Water bottle
This one must’ve come as a chock to all of you… 

Fruit/dark chocolate
Go natural. There are healthier options than protein bars. 

Indoor shoes
It is not really respectful to use your everyday shoes in the dance studio. You bring in dirt and small rocks that have gotten stuck on the sole. Have some indoor shoes you use specially for dancing.

Plastic bag
Hopefully you’ve been sweating after giving your all on that class. You don’t want your sweaty clothes to wet your bag right? Put it all in the plastic bag and you’re good. 

Extra underwear
The ones you’ve been using during class will most likely be sweaty and if you keep wearing them the sweat will get cold. Not a nice feeling and it’s not good for your muscles either, plus you have a high risk of getting sick. At least that is my experience.  

Dance attire
Have a different outfit when dancing then the one you’re leaving in. In class, wear what makes you comfortable, uh duh. If you don’t know, some guidelines I go after is to combine tight with baggy or layer on layer.

I always want to shower at home and then put on my PJ’s. But if you are one of those who shower directly – bring a towel also. But either way, bring a deodorant. For everyones sake. 

This should be in EVERY dancers bag ALWAYS. This little wrapper who weights nothing could be the reason you get to dance after a week and not like two months of injury. 

Painkillers or tiger balm
Could always come in handy if you strain yourself or did some too ambitious move. 

Bobby pins + elastic ties
Of course they’ll break or disappear if you don’t bring extra. 

Phone + charger
You’ll have this in your bag anyway but have specially your phone ready. Maybe your teacher let you film the choreography in class. Then ask another student record it on your phone when you dance. Let it be charged so the quality of the video is as good as possible. In that way you can se how you performed – what you want to work on and what you did well. Ask the teacher what the name of the song+artist and note it on your phone.

Go through the choreography in your head as soon as possible. Listen to the song – feeeeeeel it and do those weird hand movements when you “think-dance”, so people wonder what the fudge is wrong with you… Take a minute to analyze what you’re teacher taught you this class and what you developed. (If you feel very ambitious, write it down in your phone.)

A pen is your friend. Always have a pen in that bag.

This is what I go for and what I recommend. Maybe this list will change in the future, but so far it hasn’t been one thing I haven’t needed or haven’t used. So for me, this is complete!

In collaboration with Elly Pistol
Pants HERE / Cropped Hoodie HERE



The teacher’s favorites

Today is a good day and I want to discuss with you dancers a topic that has bothered me for a long time. If you are participating in a workshop or even a higher level dance class then you may have experienced that in the end your teacher divide the students into groups. Nothing wrong with that – more space to dance and you get to see the choreography more properly when others perform it, plus you get more used to have eyes on you when dancing. We are all good so far. But now, here is the thing. Have you ever experienced that after a few rounds of groups the teacher picks out specific dancers in the class and says, “I want to see her, him, you, you and her”?

Now there are pros and cons with everything and I’m sure that the teacher’s doing this believes they have a good reason. That’s also why I am writing this post – I want to discuss, I want to understand, I want to make my opinion heard because to be honest. I think my opinions are pretty dang great.

I’m not that negative. I can see why this could be a good thing. When a choreographer teaches us dancers his or her choreography – it is our job to make the choreographer’s vision come true. In this way, taking out “the favourites” is a way of showing people who succeeded and inspire of more ways to make the vision come to life. Also, it is a way of preparing dancers of the rough path of working in the dance business. Because you will get so many no’s and in this way you’ll probably get more used to it. I mean, it might get less traumatized. You’ll might even get that extra push and motivation to hunt that yes.

Well even though it could be a good hunt for some, it most likely breaks some confidence for many more. Imagine really enjoying a class and doing your best, then when it time to the teacher’s pick – you weren’t good enough. At least, that’s often what pops into a dancer’s head when that happens. Dancing is an art, everyone has they´re own journey and it shouldn’t be up to a teacher to say who is the “best” since no one really can be. Since everyone is developing in different areas and in different paces. The picking and choosing easily creates a wall between the students – who is the best and the ones who was not picked.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter if I am in the position of being picked or standing on the side, it still doesn’t feel okay. The students are cheering, clapping and supporting everyone. Which is lovely! But looking closely there are always many faces that effuse disappointment and some even get a bit chocked for not getting picked. Even though everyone tries to hide it. Of course, all students have a wish to get picked. Who wouldn’t be flattered of that confirmation from their teacher? But does it belong in a class/workshop where you should get a deeper love for this wonderful art of movement? Where you should leave inspired and become one step closer to be a greater dancer? From my point of view as a teacher, I don’t think so.

There are other ways of doing this. Give your dancers feedback to genuinely become better, make several small groups so everyone get picked, have audition workshops/classes so everyone who actually wants to get the experience and knowledge gets it. Be pedagogical and make your studio walls a safe environment filled with inspiration, sharing of knowledge, feedback, providing challenges and a joy for dance. Everyone can more than they know if they have the right help and the right mindset, so give your student’s at least a good platform to start at. They deserve it.


Proud and cringed

Six days ago was the proudest day of my life. I was so proud of my students and a little part of me was even proud of myself. How could I create this? Is this really a big deal? It wasn’t really that hard… Yes, I created this and made it happen. Yes, it’s a big deal. Yes, it was hard to make your own dance show. But dang, so worth it and I enjoyed (almost) every second of the process.

If you have followed my Swedish blog, then you have some background of what I’m doing and what I’m up to. I run my own dance school/organisation, Stockholm Dance Team and they had a Christmas Show. …Is that btw what you call it? It was a Show at a theatre where all family and friends could come watch and it is pretty much Christmas.. So it should be called a Christmas Show..? Anyway you know what I mean.

There was a lot of preparation to make this happen. But it’s absolutely doable if you know what you are doing. Duh.. I’m so happy that it was such a hysterical success and that my girls really slayed it on stage. I smiled through the whole thing. Since we only have two Teams at the moment it was kind of hard to make the program have a nice flow through the whole thing with all the change of clothes, solos and group choreographies. That meant I was going to pick up the mic and talk to the audience to kill the time in some charming flowy way. My goodness, what a cringe. I couldn’t have been the only one noticing how much this wasn’t my thing. But I liked having that mic in my hand. Kind of like… Instead of being behind the artist, I am the artist. Everyone can hear me. You’ll see when I’m done with the video. I haven’t started with it yet since I need to emotionally prepare myself to hear my awful attempt to be icecube cool in the speakers.

I’ll probably talk more about the show. But this post would be way too long if I took it all at once.

Before the show. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone with all those buttons.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
After the show I couldn’t resist running up on stage and giving my dancers a big hug.